BCM Charity work and community projects

Birmingham Council of Mosques endeavours to work with individuals and communities and to be a positive influence in helping them to live independently and to achieve the best they can in life. BCM has completed a number of projects at a local, national and global level to help the less fortunate. These projects are completed on a monthly basis and range from handing out hygiene packs to the female homeless on the streets of Birmingham sponsoring the building of wells in third world countries to bring fresh water to the local communities there.

All the projects count as good deeds for the people who donate £1 per month towards the projects. Such a small monthly amount can collectively make such a difference to the lives of many. Donators simply pay £1 per month and we do the work. The Holy Qur’an frequently mentions feeding the poor and needy and supporting orphans. Many of our projects have involved feeding orphans, the needy and the poor and we endeavour to continue our work with deprived communities. Many of our projects classify as charity projects and a number of projects are simply acts of kindness. Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “Every act of kindness is a Sadaqa (charity)” (Bukhari, Muslim).

If you would like to contribute £1 per month you can set up a standing order using the bank details below. Similarly, many people pay a sum of £12 for the year (Ramadan to Ramadan). If you would like to do this, you can use the same bank details and make a one off payment. Please enter your name in the “reference” section.
Information on all our projects to date can be found in the monthly newsletters below.

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